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The 26th Annual Rural and Remote Medicine Course Syllabus

April 12‐14, 2018

Welcome letter from Dr. Margo Wilson and Dr. Gabe Woollam
Welcome letter from Danny Breen, Mayor of St. John’s
Rural and Remote 2018 Scientific Committee
Visitor Guide

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•Make sure to download the latest version of the "At a Glance Agenda" on the APP (grey boxes are closed sessions)
•Any workshop number listed below with an * is used to indicate the speaker has provided handouts.

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Thank you to our 2018 Gold Sponsor CALIAN and Joint Gold sponsor JSC - RCCBC - ubccpd - REAP

Thursday Night Mix and Mingle Sponsored by The SRPC

Thursday April 12th

Thank you to Our 2018 Silver Sponsors:

Creston Valley Health Working Group    •     Government of Nunavut     •      Health Match BC     •     Santé en Francais - Office of Rural and Northern Health Manitoba     •     Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority     •     University of Manitoba /  Ongomiizwin Health Services     •     Yukon Government

Workshop Numbers below with * have handouts
Title Evaluation Link Speaker(s)

RR2018 - Overall Course Evaluation

RR2018 Childcare Survey

Partners and Families Overall Evaluation

•060 Training Doctors For Rural And Remote Practice: Lessons Learned In Newfoundland And Labrador (And Beyond) Survey_060  Dr. James Rourke
•061 Thin Places: Story and Medicine In Rural Canada Survey_061  
•100 *
Beyond The Cervix: Office Gyne Pearls Survey_100 Dr. Andrew Kotaska
•101 Bitten: Snakes, Spiders and Other Culprits Survey_101 Dr. Elaine Blau
•102 How To Package Patient To Transfer, What We Can Learn From Each Other Survey_102 Dr. Frederic Dankoff
•103 Managing Air Medevacs Effectively: Practical Tips Survey_103 Dr. Sandy MacDonald
•104 Thickening The Narrative Survey_104 Dr. Monica Kidd
•105 Rural Cafe Survey_105     TBA
•106 Teaching about Patient Education; Working with Dr Google Survey_106 Dr. Cathy MacLean
•107 *
How and Why to Write in Rural Practice: The Pros of Prose Survey_107 Dr. Wendy Graham • Dr. Shabnam Asghari • Mr. Tom Heeley • Dr. Cheri Bethune
•108 *
Rural Obesity Care Survey_108 Dr. Len Kelly
•109 Teaching Multilevel Learners Simultaneously Survey_109 Dr. Gavin Parker
•110 Medical-Legal Issues In Rural or Remote Settings: Responding To College Complaints! Jurisdiction Specific Updates Survey_110 Dr. Christopher Canny • Dr Art Wiebe
•111 Leading Resuscitation Remotely Via Telehealth Survey_111 Dr. Michael Jong • Ms. Erika Maxwell • Mr Robert Jong
•112 Health Informatics: Adding High Touch to High Tech Survey_112 Dr. Ajantha Jayabarathan • Dr. Karim Keshavjee • Dr. Thomas Hall • Dr. David Goranson
•113 Where Do Rural Specialists Fit In The Rural Road Map? Survey_113 Dr. Jill Konkin
•120 Bartholin's Abscess Management Made Easy Survey_120 Dr. Andrew Kotaska
•121 *
Respiratory Distress In The Newborn Survey_121 Dr. Kate Miller
•122 *
Induction Drugs In The ED Survey_122 Dr. Noel O'Regan
•123 *
Congenital Heart Defects Survey_123 Dr. Suryakant Shah
•124 'Are You Gonna Breastfeed? Ok, Good. Good Luck': A Guide For Physicians To Help with Infant Feeding Conversations Survey_124 Dr. Anne Leigh Newhook Allwood • Dr. Christina Doonan
•125 * CaRMS Survival Tips Survey_125 Ms. Jessica McCann
•126 *
Community Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders Survey_126 Dr. Melissa Holowaty
•127 *
How and Why to Write in Rural Practice: The Pros of Prose Survey_127 Dr. Wendy Graham • Dr. Cheri Bethune • Mr. Tom Heeley • Dr. Shabnam Asghari
•128 Is Consciousness Quantum ? Survey_128 Mr. Fraser Turner
•129 Why Physicians Write Survey_129 Dr. Sarah Giles • Dr. Marshall Godwin
•130 Indigenous Health Survey_130 Dr. Darlene Kitty
•131 Leading Resuscitation Remotely Via Telehealth Survey_131 Dr. Michael Jong • Ms. Erika Maxwell • Mr. Robert Jong
•132 *
Closing The Data Gap In Primary Care with GI's Survey_132 Dr. Ajantha Jayabarathan
•133 Where Do Rural Specialists Fit In The Rural Road Map? Survey_133 Dr. Jill Konkin
•098 Specialist Networking Lunch Survey_098 Dr. Eric Webber
•062 *
Quality Indicators In Rural Health Care Survey_062 Dr. Joshua Tepper
•140 *
Malignant Hyperthermia Survey_140 Dr. Gavin Parker
•141 X-Rays You Wish You Never Missed — Part 1 Survey_141 Dr. Mark Saul
•142 Finding Your Peeps: Creating and Nurturing Your Rural Support Network Survey_142 Dr. Kate Miller • Dr. Merrilee Brown • Dr. Rochelle Dworkin • Dr. Elaine Blau
•143 *
Palliative Care should Not Be a Tertiary Service - Tips and Tricks for the Rural Family Doc Survey_143 Dr. Vanessa Cardy
•144 Pride and Peril: The Life of A Rural Spouse Survey_144 Mrs. Laura Soles
•145 Profile of NL Rural Medicine: Perspective of Clerks, Residents and New Physicians Survey_145 Group Interest Medicine Rural MUN
•146 *
Buprenorphine In Rural Practice For Opioid Use Disorder Survey_146 Dr. Melissa Holowaty
•147 Program Evaluation In Global Health (Part I): Developing Logic Models Survey_147 Dr. Russell Dawe • Ms. Sara O'Reilly • Ms. Sandra Parsons 
•148 Themes of a Rural GP's Trade Survey_148 Dr. Christopher Patey
•149 *
Build It Right, They Will Come: Effective Faculty Development Events Survey_149 Dr. Doug Myhre • Dr. Kristy Penner
•150 Common Clinical Issues in Breastfeeding Survey_150 Dr. Amanda Pendergast
•151 Oral Research Presentation - Indigenous Health    
•152 *
The Once and Future EMR Survey_152 Dr. Karim Keshavjee
•153 *
Rural General Sx - Is There a Future? Survey_153 Dr. Peter Miles • Dr. Lauren Smithson
•160 *
Simple Tricks For Tricky Airways Survey_160 Dr. Josh Briggs
•161 X-Rays You Wish You Never Missed — Part 2 Survey_161 Dr. Mark Saul
•162 *
Too Much Care May Hurt: A Thyroid Cancer Epidemic, Disease Or Over-Diagnosis Survey_162 Dr. Ruth Dawnelle Topstad
•163 *
The Nimble Bureaucracy: Building Health Innovation from the Ground Up Survey_163 Dr. Andrew Smith
•164 *
Rural Critical Care — Seldinger Technique Chest Drainage Survey_164 Dr. John Soles • Dr. Sarah Mathieson
•165 The Violent Patient in the ER Survey_165 Dr. Dan Eickmeier
•166 Buprenorphine In Rural Practice For Opioid Use Disorder Survey_166 Dr. Melissa Holowaty
•167 Program Evaluation in Global Health (Part II): Developing Evaluation Frameworks Survey_167 Dr. Russell Dawe • Ms. Sara O'Reilly • Ms. Sandra Parsons
•168 Smart Studying For The CCFP Exam: Tips, Tricks and Strategies Survey_168 Dr. Paul Dhillon • Dr. Simon Moore
•169 *
Rural Critical Care — C-Spine Injury Survey_169 Dr. Peter Hutten-Czapski
•170 *
Tips For Teaching Clinical Reasoning Survey_170 Dr. Fred Janke
•171 Oral Research Presentation - Recruitment and Retention    
•172 *
Skin Cancer 101 — How To Use A Dermoscope Survey_172 Dr. Wade Mitchell
•173 *
Rural Obstetrics: Number Needed To Transport? Survey_173 Dr. Jude Kornelsen   George Carson
•196 Mix & Mingle — A Family Friendly Event in the Bannerman Ballroom  @ 17:00 
•195 Student/Resident Meet 'n Greet - Offsite at Bridie's @ 20:00
•198 Jam Session — Bring Your Musical Instruments and Join In The Fun! DELTA Hotel -  Avalon Ballroom Salon B @ 20:00
Trivia Night - SOLD OUT - Rocket Room-

Thank you to all of the 2018 Bronze Sponsors

Alberta Health Services     •     Department of Health & Community services  / Gov't of Newfoundland and Labrador     •      Horizon Health Network     •     Interior Health Authority Of BC     •     Joule Inc     •     Northern Medical Services     •     Northwest Territories  Health & Social Services Authority     •     Pacific Northwest Division Of Family Practice     •     Rural Ontario Medical Program ROMP     •     Weeneebayko Area Health Authority        •    

Friday April 13th

Number Title -  Workshop Numbers below with * have handouts Evaluation Link Speaker(s)
•063 From Inside Looking Out Survey_063 Dr. John Haggie
•064 *
Meaningful Change Through Research: The Role For Rural Docs In Rural Research! Survey_064 Dr. James Irvine
•200 Top 10 Practice Changing Publications from 2017 Survey_200 Dr. Michael Kirlew • Dr. David Jerome
•201 *
Two Step Delivery Reduces Shoulder Dystocia Survey_201 Dr. Andrew Kotaska
•202 *
MAiD - A Short Summary Survey_202 Dr. Susan Batten
•203 *
The Rural Road Map: Where Are We Now? How Do We Go Forward? Survey_203 Dr. James Rourke • Dr. Ruth Wilson
•204 Latent TB Infection: Diagnosis and New Therapies Survey_204 Dr. Sarah Lespérance
•205 Recent Research To Inform Rural and Family Physician OB Care Survey_205 Dr. Kris Bassler Aubrey
•206 Rural Family Support Network - Working Group Discussion Survey_206 Mrs. Stephanie Welton • Mrs. Laura Soles • Mr. Fraser Turner • Mrs. Patti Kemp
•207 Overactive Bladder Survey_207 Dr. Dharm Singh
•208 *
A Long Way From Home: understanding the challenges that Inuit families face when they access care in the “South” Survey_208 Dr. Radha Jetty
•209 *
Addiction In The Office Survey_209 Dr. Patricia Trish Uniac
•210 Paediatric Simulation Survey_210 Dr. James Thorburn
•211 Preceptor Engagement Survey_211 Ms. Michelle Hunter
•212 Building Blocks For Sustainable Rural Maternity Care Survey_212 Dr. Jude Kornelsen
•213 Paediatric Simulation Survey_213 Dr. Archna Shah
•220 SAMP Prep Survey_220 Dr. Michael Kirlew
•221 *
Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis: Who Really Needs Snake Oil? Survey_221 Dr. Andrew Kotaska
•222 *
GI for the GP Survey_222 Dr. Michael Kolber
•223 The Rural Road Map: Where Are We Now? How Do We Go Forward? Survey_223 Dr. James Rourke • Dr. Ruth Wilson
•224 A Day in the Life of an Ebola Doctor Survey_224 Dr. Paul Dhillon
•225 Rural Breastfeeding Support Survey_225 Mrs. Janine Woodrow • Ms. Melissa DeLeon • Mrs. Lisa Roberts
•226 Rural Family Support Network - Working Group Discussion Survey_226 Mrs. Stephanie Welton • Mrs. Laura Soles • Mr. Fraser Turner • Mrs. Patti Kemp

•228 Ethics of Global Health For Rural Doctors Survey_228 Dr. Karl Stobbe • Dr. Ray Markham
•229 *
How to Build a Resilient Practice Survey_229 Dr. Patricia Trish Uniac
•230 Paediatric Simulation Survey_230 Dr. James Thorburn
•231 Housing Presentation Survey_231 Ms. Carrie Grigg
•232 *
Careers for Rural Surgery for Family Physicians Survey_232 Dr. Stuart Iglesias
•233 Paediatric Simulation Survey_233 Dr. Archna Shah
•094 Research Poster Contest    
•095 SRPC Annual General Meeting - Bannerman Ballroom 3 @ 1pm    
•065 Water for Health: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Survey_065 Ms. Shauna Curry
•240 *
Rapid Sequence Intubation For The Rural Doc Survey_240 Dr. Braam de Klerk
•241 MacGyver fixes in Rural Medicine Survey_241 Dr. Martha Riesberry
•242 Tools For Practice Jeopardy Survey_242 Dr. Michael Kolber • Dr. Tina S. Korownyk
•243 *
Using Ordinary Materials to Make Low Fidelity Simulation Models Survey_243 Dr. Norah Duggan
•244 Deprescribing in Palliative Care Survey_244 Dr. Vanessa Cardy
•245 Malnutrition Research in Newfoundland:   A Case Study in Rural Medical History Survey_245 Dr. Jim Connor
•246 Oral Research Presentations - Education Development    
•247 *
Epidemiological Toolbox: How Your Patient Interactions Can Inform Wider Research Survey_247 Dr. George Kim • Mr. Danny Kim
•248 Rural Residency Tour — Program Fair For Medical Students Survey_248 Dr. David Jerome • Dr. Jay Shanahan
•249 *
Performance Under Pressure: Being Your Best Under Stress Survey_249 Dr. Justin Morgenstern
•250 *
A View Into The Opioid Crisis In Rural BC Survey_250 Dr. Sandra Allison
•251 *
Gender Diversity Awareness:  Language & Inclusivity Survey_251 Dr. Ailsa Craig
•252 Provision of Sustainable Rural Surgical Care Survey_252 Dr. Peter Miles
•253 The Hows and Whys of Medical Podcasting
Survey_253 Dr. Heidi James
•260 *
Procedural Sedation and Analgesia Survey_260 Dr. Braam de Klerk
•261 Chronic Kidney Disease: How To Diagnose It and What to Do About It Survey_261 Dr. Sara MacDonald
•262 *
Medical Cannabanoids in Primary Care Survey_262 Dr. Michael Allan • Dr. Tina S. Korownyk
•263 Basic Obstetrical Skills Survey_263 Dr. Norah Duggan
•264 Interesting Rural NL Cases Survey_264 Mr. Paul Norman •  Dr. Christopher Patey
•265 Midwives and Doctors
Survey_265 Dr. Dale Dewar • Dr. Jaelene Mannerfeldt
•266 Oral Research Presentation - Rural Health Delivery 1    
•267 *
Dermatologic Problems in Pregnancy Survey_267 Dr. Rochelle Dworkin
•268 Rural Residency Tour — Program Fair For Medical Students Survey_268 Dr. David Jerome • Dr. Jay Shanahan
•269 Rural Women Family Physicians: Strategies For Successful Work Life Balance Survey_269 Dr. Mary Johnston • Dr. Kirstie Overhill
•270 National Advocacy For Rural Medicine Survey_270 Dr. Ellen Mary McColl
•271 Hot topics in Distributed Medical Education Administration Survey_271 Mr. Fred Ross • Mrs. Kris Bowes
•272 *
BC's Rural Surgery and Obstetric Networks: Looking for Solutions Survey_272 Dr. Stuart Iglesias • Dr. Jude Kornelsen
•273 EMs Myths Survey_273 Dr. Brian Metcalfe
•296 Student, Resident, Mentor Reception @ 5:15 Delta Hotel Avalon Ballroom Salon B
•297 SRPC Awards Dinner  *Meet In the Lobby of the Delta Hotel - 6:45 to access the Harbourview Ballroom
•298 Scotch Tasting — An Event for Beginners and Experts Alike!  -SOLD OUT- 8pm  At The Crow's Nest.
•299 Movie Night At R&R - Le Grand Seduction - The Original Version at 8pm room change NOW @ Delta Hotel Conception Bay
•199 Hockey Night In St. John's -   Meet at 8:20 at Delta Hotel Lobby.

Thank you to the Student and Resident Mentor reception Sponsors:

Dalhousie University Department of Family Medicine     •     Department of Family Medicine Queen's University     •     Eastern Regional Medical Education Program     •    MAC-Care Program      •     Mc Master University     •      Northern Ontario School of Medicine     •     Rural Coordination Centre of BC     •     Rural Ontario Medical Program     •     Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University     •     University of Alberta/Dr. Fred Janke     •     University of Calgary     •     University of Manitoba Department of Family Medicine     •     University of Saskatchewan     •     Yukon Government

Sunday April 14th

Number Title -  Workshop Numbers below with * have handouts Evaluation Link Speaker(s)
•066 A Reflection On Rural Practice: My Salt Water Joys! Survey_066 Dr. Iqbal Mohamed Ravalia
•300 Procedural Sedation in the Rural ED Survey_300 Dr. Gavin Parker
•301 Ortho Pearls Survey_301 Dr. Matt Di Stefano
•302 Mifepristone: Offering Medical Abortion In Your Practice Survey_302 Dr. Meghan Guy
•303 Drugs in my Pocket: toxicology for trainees? Survey_303 Dr. Merrilee Brown
•304 Resiliency - What is Optimal Culture? Survey_304 Dr. Kirstie Overhill • Dr. Brenda Huff
•305 Rural Roadmap Direction 4: Developing A Canadian Rural Research Network Survey_305 Dr. James Rourke
•306 How To Be A Better Coach: Clinical Reasoning & Learners (Part 1) Survey_306 Dr. Jill Konkin
•307 Getting Serious About Polypharmacy In The Elderly — Tools and Resources Survey_307 Dr. Keith White
•308 Urgent Paediatric Airway Survey_308 Dr. Sonia Sampson
•309 Immunotherapy: New Kid on the Block Survey_309 Dr. Mary Wall
•310 Vertigo: Best Practices For Diagnosis and Treatment Survey_310 Ms. Kim Furlong
•311 Administrators Annual Meeting Survey_311 Mr. Fred Ross
•312 What The Cases Say, and What Should We Do About It? Rural Maternity Care Planning Workshop Survey_312 Dr. Sarah Lespérance
•313 *
Breaking Down Silos: UBC Clinical Coaching For Excellence Survey_313 Dr. James Kim
•320 You've Intubated — Now What? Survey_320 Dr. Gavin Parker
•321 Medical Myth Busting Survey_321 Dr. Kirstie Overhill • Dr. Brenda Huff
•322 Tongue Ties Demystified Survey_322 Dr. Jessica Bishop
•323 *
Pediatric Emergency Cases Survey_323 Dr. Robert Porter
•324 Resiliency and the SRPC Survey_324 Dr. Kirstie Overhill • Dr. Brenda Huff
•325 *
Accessing The Endometrial Cavity Talk Survey_325 Dr. Dan Reilly
•326 How To Be A Better Coach: Clinical Reasoning & Learners (Part 2) Survey_326 Dr. Jill Konkin
•327 *
4 Visit Approach To Sorting Out Dementia Survey_327 Dr. Roger Butler
•328 Transition To Practice Panel Survey_328 Dr. David Jerome • Dr. Jay Shanahan
•329 Discussion of Palliative Care and Particularly MAID Survey_329 Dr. Karen Iny
•330 *
Rural Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder Survey_330 Dr. Anne Robinson
•331 Approach To Taking OSCE's Survey_331 Ms. Jessica McCann • Mrs. Sara Hicks
•332 *
Pediatric Ed Cases-Stridor Is Not Just For Croup Survey_332 Dr. Andrea Losier
•333 The Difficult Airway: All You Need To Know In 60 Seconds Survey_333 Dr. James Kim
•097 OMA Rural Medicine Forum Lunch    
•340 *
Unusual Papers That Might Change Your Practice — Primary Care Edition Survey_340 Dr. Yogi Sehgal
•341 Rural Critical Care - EKG Survey_341 Dr. Keith MacLellan • Dr. Don Klassen
•342 Head-injuries and Burrholes Survey_342 Dr. Judith Roger
•343 Can We Prevent The Prems? An Overview of Preterm Labour Survey_343 Dr. Sarah Lespérance
•344 Rural Critical Care - Basic Airway Management Survey_344 Dr. Margo Wilson
•345 *
The Occasional Disinterested Learner: Achieving Effectiveness By Respecting The Adult Learner Survey_345 Dr. Dan Reilly
•346 Basic Flaps and Tendon Repair Survey_346 Dr. Dale Dewar • Dr. Martha Riesberry • Dr Ichpal Singh
•347 *
Cannabis in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Survey_347 Dr. Kate Miller
•348 *
Introduction to Dermoscopy in Primary Care Survey_348 Dr. Paula Ryan
•349 Meeting Needs of Underserved Populations: New Online Tools For Supporting Indigenous Peoples, Immigrants, Refugees, and Bereaved Family Members Survey_349 Ms. Shelly Cory • Dr. Cornelius Woelk
•350 *
Choosing Wisely: Don't Just Do Something, Stand There! Survey_350 Dr. George Carson
•351 Oral Research Presentation - Rural Health Delivery 2 / Primary Care    
•352 *
Pediatric DKA Update Survey_352 Dr. Andrea Losier
•353 GP Anaesthesia Panel Survey_353 Dr. Gavin Parker
•360 *
Unusual Papers That Might Change Your Practice — ER Edition Survey_360 Dr. Yogi Sehgal
•361 Rural Critical Care - EKG Survey_361 Dr. Keith MacLellan • Dr. Don Klassen
•362 Surviving Sepsis: Strategies For Better Patient Care In 2018 Survey_362 Dr. Gillian Sheppard • Dr. James Thorburn
•363 Rural Mommy Whine and Wine Survey_363 Dr. Stephanie Young
Survey_364 Confirmed Be To
•365 *
Pelvic Organ Prolapse and How To Use Pessaries Survey_365 Dr. Michelle Lajzerowicz
•366 Basic Flaps and Tendon Repair Survey_366 Dr. Dale Dewar • Dr. Martha Riesberry • Dr Ichpal Singh
•368 Transgender Health Survey_368 Dr. Ian Whetter
•369 Methadone For Analgesia In Palliative Care: Online Educational Tool Survey_369 Ms. Shelly Cory • Dr. Cornelius Woelk
•370 Perineal Repair Workshop Survey_370 Dr. Jay Shanahan
•371 Oral Research Presentation - The Art and Soul of Rural Medicine    
•372 *
Rural Critical Care - Management of Pediatric Status Epilepticus Survey_372 Dr. Gordon Brock
•373 Controversy In Delayed Sequence Intubation Survey_373 Dr. Peter Collins
•367 Rescue Craniotomy
Survey_367 Dr. Darrell Boone
•396 A Newfoundland Kitchen Party, Dinner and Dancing at O'Reilly's Irish Pub with live Newfoundland Irish Music 7PM (Kid Friendly until 9pm) -Dinner tickets are SOLD OUT-  Doors open to the public at 9pm - Come join us for the party!

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Partners and Families Overall Evaluation    Survey

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