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The SRPC resident Committee is comprised of medical residents from across Canada collectively committed to supporting residents interested in rural and remote medicine.

Resident Committee Co-Chairs

Dr. Julie Saby
PGY-2 Family Medicine
University of Saskatchewan

Julie (she/her) is a family medicine resident in Moose Jaw, SK. She completed medical school at the University of Alberta, and has always had a passion for rural medicine. She enjoys the wide scope of practice that comes with being a rural physician, along with the jovial spirit of rural communities.  When not working in the clinic or the ER, Julie can most likely be found outside hiking in the nearby provincial parks, discovering new giant roadside attractions, or baking treats for her clinic staff.

Dr. Anchaleena Mandal

PGY-1 Family Medicine

Queen's University

Anchaleena (She/Her) grew up in the arctic territory of Nunavut as a settler. She is currently a Family Medicine resident at Queen’s University, where she also completed her medical school. Anchaleena is passionate about rural medicine, Indigenous health, and mental health. During her pastime, she loves to play musical instruments, learn new languages and explore different cuisines!

Resident Committee 2023-2024

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Keeping up with the SRPC Resident Committee

Outreach Opportunity

We are looking for residents to share their residency experience on social media! This could involve story takeovers, Q&As, or posts on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter. We would love to hear from residents from all across Canada.

If you are interested, please fill out this form

Rural Research Poster Presentation

Each year, a rural research poster session is hosted at the SRPC's Rural & Remote Conference. Poster proposals must include a clear research purpose, objective, methodology, summary of the research results and conclusion. We will judge the posters on rural relevance, research methodology, impact, clarity of presentation and your ability to answer questions regarding your research. Posters are restricted to a width of 4 feet and a height of 3 feet.

Residents will have the opportunity of being awarded the best student/resident research poster. The winner of best research poster will win the equivalent of $500 credited towards attending the conference.


  • The entrant must be a member of the SRPC
  • The deadline for submission is December 31st, 2021
  • Format: Microsoft Word
  • Please submit your proposal to

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Medical Resident Essay Contest

Each year, the SRPC Nomination and Awards Committee hosts a rural essay contest for medical residents. Residents are asked to submit a self-reflection from their experience in rural medicine. 

The winners will win the equivalent of $1000 (residents) credited towards the cost of attending the SRPC's Annual Rural and Remote Medicine Course, and the essays will be considered for publication in the (CJRM) Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine.

RESIDENTS : Please send us a self-reflection from your experience in rural medicine.

  • The entrant must be a member of the SRPC.  
  • Length: 500 - 1000 words
  • Deadline for submission: December 31st each year.
  • The contest opens on September 1st each year.
  • Submit your essay to:

Congratulations to Dr. Natalya O'Neill, a family medicine resident based in Mount Forest, ON, for winning this year's contest! 

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2023 Rural Medicine Learner Photo Contest

Thank you to everyone who shared photos from across Canada. There were many entries that showcased the beautiful places we get to practice in as rural physicians, and choosing just three winners was difficult. 

In first place, congratulations to Christine Miller
from the University of Alberta.

“Yukon has the best hiking spots to experience while on rotation. Views post Gray Mountain Cave scramble.”

In second place, congratulations to Julie Saby from the University of Saskatchewan.

“They call SK the land of living skies for a reason. I love watching storms roll in, northern lights dancing, and sunsets paint the sky colours I’ve never seen all from my front door. I’m surprised I haven’t developed torticollis yet from always looking up.”

In third place, congratulations to Aanchal Ralhan from the Memorial University.

“Northern lights over the clinic in Hopedale, Labrador.”