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International Medical Graduate (IMG)

Regional Health Authorities in Canada

If you are an International Medical Graduate (IMG) and are looking for advice on how to re-locate to a rural or remote part of Canada, we encourage you to visit the regional pages and review the links below. While we strive to keep the links current, we are not responsible for the content or changes on each site.  

Medical Council of Canada’s site provides essential information for students and graduates who want to practice medicine in Canada. Log in to apply for the Medical Council of Canada exams, submit your credentials for verification and take other steps toward entering Canada’s medical profession.

IMG Community in The Rounds

In collaboration with The Rounds, a secure network for healthcare professionals, the SRPC is leading an online community to support International Medical Graduates in their transition to practicing in rural or remote parts of Canada.

The IMG community in The Rounds is now open to both those who are seeking support in their transition as well as IMGs who are established in a rural area and willing to answer newcomers' questions. For more information or to register for free, click here:

Call for Rural Physicians to Support IMGs

Supporting International Medical Graduates (IMGs) is a crucial part of addressing the HCP shortage in rural and remote areas across Canada. To help IMGs navigate the barriers of getting established as an HCP in Canada, SRPC is leading an online community for IMGs hosted by The Rounds, a secure network for healthcare professionals.

If you are willing to lend your expertise to the IMG community, please register here:

Provincial Organizations

International Organizations