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Maternal and Newborn Care Committee

Dr. Sarah Gower,  Elora, Ontario.

I finished my rural Family Medicine program in Sudbury twenty years ago, and locumed throughout rural Ontario until starting my comprehensive family practice in Elora/Fergus, Ontario in 2009. Since then I have been practicing cradle to grave office care, obstetrics, inpatient and palliative care. I am passionate about maternal and newborn health and am looking forward to developing this committee into a strong national rural force for change.

You can also find me on Twitter at @GowerMD.

Activities/functions/areas of interest: To start, we are working with other national partners to update a Joint Position Paper on Rural Obstetrical Care. We are currently brainstorming more projects, with further details to come. Please get in touch if you’d like to join the movement!

If you would like to join the committee let us know, send us an Email