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    • 02-Mar-2022
    • 01-Mar-2023
    • Online

    SRPC’s Rural Research Peer Support Group

    Struggling with writer’s block? Trying to meet a deadline? Questioning your methods? Getting stymied by bias? Does frantic typing lead to nostalgia for your days as an undergraduate?

    If so, join us for a sociable discussion in a supportive environment to share strategies for success in conducting rural health research and academic writing.

    The SRPC Rural Research Committee is hosting a monthly Zoom meet up to support members who are conducting and writing up research. 

    Join the conversation the First Wednesday of the month
    08:00 PM Eastern Time via Zoom .

    Click Here to Register Now / RSVP


    • Mar 2, 2022  
    • Apr 6, 2022  
    • May 4, 2022 
    • Jun 1, 2022 
    • Jul 6, 2022 
    • Aug 3, 2022 
    • Sep 7, 2022 
    • Oct 5, 2022  
    • Nov 2, 2022 
    • Dec 7, 2022
    • Jan 4, 2023

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    • 17-Jun-2022
    • 31-Dec-2022
    • Online

    Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO)

    A supportive, virtual learning community for primary care providers (PCPs) to enhance their skills and confidence by sharing of best practices and practical advice for real patient cases.

    Starting with ECHO

    1. Register for an ECHO program
    2. Each Session includes:
      • Didactic Lectures to share current best practices.
      • Case discussions involving real, de-identified patients


    ECHO Liver

    Mondays at 12:00-1:30PM *Eastern Standard Time

    ECHO Concussion

    Wednesdays at 4:30-6:00PM *Eastern Standard Time

    ECHO Chronic Pain & Opioid Stewardship

    Thursdays at 12:30-2:00PM *Eastern Standard Time

    ECHO Rheumatology

    Fridays at 12:00-1:30PM *Eastern Standard Time

    Details and registration online

    Connects you to an interprofessional specialist team
    No-cost (funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health)
    Videoconferencing (online)
    Present your patient cases (de-identied) for recommendations
    CME / CPD accredited

    • 01-Jul-2022
    • 31-Dec-2023
    • Online

    Comprehensive, Advanced & Fellowship level Point of Care Ultrasound training  For Rural, Remote & Resource-Limited practitioners

    For Rural, Remote & Resource-Limited practitioners.

    The Rural Ultrasound Fellowship was designed based on proven international models for advanced PoCUS teaching & mentorship. Unlike "course" based teaching (i.e. "one and done" models), the Rural Ultrasound Fellowship provides a year long curriculum with spaced repetition and ongoing faculty support every step of the way. 

    It truly is an ultrasound Fellowship, and one that you can partake in while working full time in your own practice location

    Details Online

    Rural Ultrasound Fellowship’s Mission:

    1. To offer an affordable, comprehensive (year long), advanced bedside ultrasound training program to meet the needs of rural physicians in Canada.

    2. To respect that rural physicians should not need to leave their home community in order to participate; NOR should they need to interrupt their practices or place their lives on hold in order to participate.

    3. To acknowledge rural practices often benefit from enhanced diagnostic awareness at the bedside; as compared to exclusive Emergency Medicine PoCUS content / the assumption that alternate diagnostic imaging is readily available nearby.
    • 29-Jul-2022
    • 31-Dec-2022
    • Conference App (Expo Pass)

    The 29th Annual Rural & Remote Medicine Course - On Demand

    Missed R&R 2022 in Ottawa but would like access the recordings? Register now for On-Demand and you'll have access to the 78 recorded sessions that are listed below. 

    Once you register you will be provided with access the conference app (Expo Pass), where the video's are posted.  You will have access to the app until December 31, 2022.

    **Available to SRPC members only.

    This event has been certified for up to 78 Mainpro+® credits.

    (If you attended in-person, you already have access and do not need to register) 

    **Need us to send you the "Magic Link" again?  Email your request to Jenna

    Here is a list of the recordings that will be available to you with your On-Demand registration.

    Speaker Name(s) Session Title
    93 The Honourable Murray Sinclair Healthy Rural Indigenous & Canadian Communities - Building Stronger Rural & Remote Health Care Together
    101 Dr. Samuel Ogbeide and Dr. Brendan Munn Clinical Advances in Rural and Remote Healthcare Settings 
    102 Dr. Kevin Wasko & Ms. Jennifer Scherman Saskatchewan’s Provincial COVID Response – Mobilizing Rural Care Teams Via A Tiers of Service Approach
    103 Dr. Madeleine Cole & Dr. Katie Matthews Conscientious Provision: Mifegymiso for Medical Abortion and Miscarriage Management
    105 Dr. Darlene Kitty Moving Towards Cultural Safety, Reconciliation & Anti-Racism 
    109 Dr. Tom O'Neill Managing Hemorrhagic Shock in Rural Hospitals
    120 Dr. Mike Allan, Dr. Mike Kolber & Dr. Tina Korownyk Jeopardy
    121 Dr. Alexis Sharp & Dr. Tristan Brownrigg Exploring Experiential Learning Through A Resident Wilderness Medicine Elective
    122 Dr. Marnie Jakab, Dr. AC Silver & Dr. Sabrina Slade So, You Wanna Locum?
    123 Dr. Nadin Gilroy Extending Access to Pregnancy Termination Into Rural/Remote Canada
    125 Dr. Dan Eickmieir The Aggressive Patient
    126 Dr. Chris Patey & Dr. Shane Stratton Bog Bikes & Snow Crab – Rural Newfoundland Emergency Cases
    127 Dr. Kirstie Overhill & Dr. Renate Kahlke Clinical Coaching for Excellence, Resiliency and System Change
    140 Dr. Mike Allan, Dr. Mike Kolber & Dr. Tina Korownyk New True and Poo: New Clinically Relevant Studies for Primary Care
    141 Dr. Tracy Morton & Dr. Virginia Robinson POCUS in Rural Canada: A Vision for the Future
    142 Dr. Jessica Otte And You Thought You Knew Everything About Tramadol
    143 Dr. Dale Dewar Choosing Wisely X-rays, CT Scans, Ionizing Radiation and Health
    145 Ms. Avery Palmer & Ms. Rachel Howlett CaRMS "How To" Guide
    147 Dr. Thomas L. Perry, Dr. Dee Mangin, Ms. Sydney Saunders, Ms. Charissa Tonneson & Ms. Ashley Perreault
    Practical Deprescribing - A Professional Community Approach (2 hours)
    148 Dr. Shireen Mansouri & Mr. Sherif El Meniawy The Value of Informal Peer Support
    161 Dr. Nancy Fowler, Dr. Roy Wyman & Dr. Ivy Oandasan Imagining the Future – A Consultation with Rural Teachers (2 hours)
    164 Dr. Dave Jerome Clearing the Water - An Approach to the Management of Patients Who Have Drowned
    165 Dr. Paul Cano First Trimester Prenatal Care (The Facebook Weeks)
    166 Dr. Amita Dayal & Dr. Sarah Gower Medical Assistance in Dying
    167 Dr. Thomas L. Perry, Dr. Dee Mangin, Ms. Sydney Saunders, Ms. Charissa Tonneson & Ms. Ashley Perreault
    Practical Deprescribing - A Professional Community Approach (2 hours)
    168 Dr. Darlene Kitty, Dr. Ojistoh Horn & Ms. Sarah Giacobbo Putting the CanMEDS-FM Indigenous Health Supplement into Action (2 hours)
    181 Dr. Nancy Fowler, Dr. Roy Wyman & Dr. Ivy Oandasan Imagining the Future – A Consultation with Rural Teachers (2 hours)
    182 Dr. Emma Crawley, Dr. Marnie Jakab & Dr. AC Silver Transition to Rural Residency
    183 Dr. Bruce Mohr Management of Shoulder Dislocation
    185 Dr. Sarah Gower Second Trimester Prenatal Care (The Instagram Weeks)
    186 Dr. Amita Dayal Narrative Based Medicine - A Newbie's Perspective
    188 Dr. Darlene Kitty, Dr. Ojistoh Horn & Ms. Sarah Giacobbo Putting the CanMEDS-FM Indigenous Health Supplement into Action (2 hours)
    198 Dr. Courtney Howard A Healthy Response to Climate Change
    201 Mr. Lewis Forward & Mr. John Johnson Current Topics in Indigenous Health Research
    202 Dr. Paula Slaney & Dr. Angela Cung First Five Years in Practice Panel
    203 Dr. Jacinthe Lampron Management of Trauma at a Rural Emergency Room
    204 Dr. Tim Wehner “Tim’s tips” for Avoiding Pitfalls in Early Management of Acute Coronary Syndromes
    205 Dr. Ryan Falk & Dr. Nicole Ebert Careers in Rural Surgery (ESS/OSS) for Family Physicians (Intended for Students and Residents)
    206 Dr. Colin McCready Providing Medical Care in Antarctica
    221 Dr. Wilson Lam & Dr. Andrew Hunt From Early Years to Early Learners: Current Topics in Medical Education
    222 Ms. Avery Palmer & Ms. Rachel Howlett Rural Electives Across Canada
    224 Dr. Declan Fox, Dr. Megan Miller, & Ms. Jennie Thompson 36 Ways to Recruit a Rural Doctor
    225 Dr. Peter Miles Wound Management for Rural ESS/OSS FPO’s
    226 Dr. Brendan Munn & Ms. Nadia Bonenfant Getting Away From the Type A and Yogi Stereotypes : A Couple’s Take on Getting Physician Wellness Right
    241 Dr. Declan Fox & Ms. Megan Carey Stepping into the Ruralverse: Advances in Rural Health Technology
    242 Dr. John Pawlovich, Dr. Jeff Beselt & Ms. Kim Williams Real-Time Virtual Support: Relationship-Based Digitally Enhanced Collaborative Care in Rural BC
    244 Dr. Sarah Gower Third Trimester Prenatal Care (The Snapchat Weeks)
    248 Dr. Anne Robinson & Dr. Sharon Cirone Opioid Use Disorder 101: Introduction to Recognizing & Treating OUD In Your Practice
    260 Dr. Stefan Grzybowski, Ms. Montana Blum, Ms. Sila Rogan & Ms. Jordie Fischer Youth Responding to Climate Change: A Rural Community in Action
    262 Dr. John Pawlovich, Dr. Jeff Beselt & Ms. Kim Williams Follow Up Discussion - Real-Time Virtual Support: Relationship-Based Digitally Enhanced Collaborative Care in Rural BC
    264 Dr. Filip Gilic & Ms. Ashley Perreault Ventilate, Don't Intubate! A Common Sense Approach to Respiratory Distress
    267 Dr. Mike Allan, Dr. Mike Kolber & Dr. Tina Korownyk Guideline Review: PEER Team’s 2021 Chronic Pain Guideline Highlights
    280 Dr. Stefan Grzybowski, Ms. Anna de Waal, Ms. Alexandra Bland & Ms. Jordie Fischer So, what’s next? Pathways Forward for Rural Community Resilience to Climate Change and Ecosystem Disruption
    281 Dr. Paula Slaney & Ms. Vanessa Bournival Rx Nature: The Science of Forest Bathing
    282 Dr. Margo Wilson & Ms. Dani Lee Beyond the Overpass: Highlights of Rural Research
    284 Dr. Filip Gilic & Dr. Erica Baines Code Alone
    286 Dr. Gavin Parker Introductions to Ultrasound
    287 Dr. Mike Allan, Dr. Mike Kolber & Dr. Tina Korownyk Learning in Practice: Audience Selected Cases
    298 Dr. Katharine Smart Time for a Reboot - How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Inspiring a New System of Health
    300 Dr. Gavin Parker Procedural Sedation In The Rural ED
    301 Dr. Shabnam Asghari, Dr. John Christy Johnson, Mr. Erik Friesen Stepping into the Ruralverse: Advances in Rural Health Technology
    302 Dr. Wade Mitchell Skin Cancer 101
    307 Dr. Bruce Mohr Intravenous Regional (Bier) Blocks
    308 Mr. Mateo Orrantia, Dr. Eliseo Orrantia & Dr. Ryan Patchett-Marble The PRACTISS Platform: Helping Bring Medical Simulation to your Community
    321 Dr. Kirstie Overhill & Ms. Michelle Pavloff From Patients to Physicians: Promoting Mental Health in Rural Medicine
    322 Dr. Wade Mitchell & Mr. Sherif El Meniawy Stabilizing the Sick Newborn & Preparing them for Transfer
    324 Dr. Steve Ferracuti SRPC Global Health: Wait! Isn’t Everything Global Health?
    325 Dr. Jesse Guscott, Dr. Filip Gilic, Dr. Margaret Tromp & Dr. Wilson Lam Simulation Education: Pearls from the Rural Jedi Masters
    327 Dr. David Bradbury-Squires & Dr. James Rourke Community-Based Rural Health Research – Where We’ve Been, What We Learned and How to Make it Happen?”
    328 Dr. Gordon Brock The Workplace Depression Disability Tsunami: How to Make your Case to Insurance Companies and get your Patients their Disability Benefits
    340 Dr. Wendy Graham, Dr. Cheri Bethune & Dr. Shabnam Asghari Tackling ‘Wicked’ Problems in Rural Health Care: The Adaptive Action Method (AAM) in Action
    341 Dr. Ghislaine Attema ‘The Long and Winding Road’ Rural Medical Education in Canada 2015-2020: Analysis, Review, Next Steps, and Recommendations
    345 Dr. Courtney Howard Tools of Advocacy
    347 Dr. Marnie Jakab & Dr. Erica Baines & Sabrina Slade The Perks of Practising Rural
    348 Ms. Ella Chochla & Ms. Tara Styan Rural & Isolated Support Endeavour: Lessons Learned & Volunteer Experiences
    360 Dr. Wendy Graham, Dr. Cheri Bethune & Dr. Shabnam Asghari A Faculty Development Rural Research Program Fostering Socially Accountable Research - 6for6 Six Years Down the Road
    361 Dr. Samantha Harper So you've agreed to be an Event Medic?
    362 Dr. Virginia Robinson Point-of-care Ultrasound (POCUS) in Primary Care
    365 Dr. Courtney Howard Climate Change

    • 31-Jul-2022
    • 31-Jul-2023
    • Online

    Register today for our FREE certified online mini-course on Bone Marrow cancers



    McGill University’s Office for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences invites you to register for our brand new FREE and CERTIFIED online CPD mini-course called Latest update on Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPN) and Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS).

    Presented by program chair Dr. Jaroslav F. Prchal, alongside Drs. Awatef Shehab-El-Deen and John Storring, this course was created for family physicians/medical specialists, residents and medical students, nurse practitioners as well as other health care professionals. Our flexible learning modules mean that you can watch and learn anytime at your own convenience!


    See Program Invitation


    • Two certified modules totaling 5 hours (2.5 hours per module);
    • You may complete one or both modules in any order;

    Modules are certified until July 31, 2023;

    • Each module includes:
    • Case-based pre- and post-tests;
    • On demand video presentations;
    • An opportunity to ask questions to our experts;
    • Supporting downloadable materials;
    • An opportunity to contribute to an educational research study;
    • Available exclusively in English.


    Certified for up to 5* Mainpro+® Self-Learning credits.

    *For details on credits and international reciprocity agreements, click here.


    For information on how this activity fits in the Royal College Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program, please visit the Royal College’s website. For more personalized support, please contact the Royal College Services Centre (1-800-461-9598) or your local CPD Educator.


    This program was developed with the Office for Continuing Professional Development, McGill University and was planned to achieve scientific integrity, objectivity and balance.



    See Program Invitation


    For additional information, visit our website:

    If you have any questions about this mini-course, please contact: or call us at 514-398-4797.



    Le Bureau du développement professionnel continu (DPC) de la Faculté de médecine et des sciences de la santé de l’Université McGill vous invite à vous inscrire à son tout nouveau mini-cours en ligne CERTIFIÉ et GRATUIT, intitulé Latest update on Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPN) and Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS).


    Présenté par le président du programme, le Dr Jaroslav F. Prchal, en collaboration avec la Dre Awatef Shehab-El-Deen et le Dr John Storring, ce cours s’adresse aux médecins de famille et autres spécialistes, aux résidents et résidentes, aux étudiants et étudiantes en médecine, aux infirmiers praticiens spécialisés et infirmières praticiennes spécialisées ainsi qu’aux autres professionnels et professionnelles de la santé. Grâce à nos modules d’apprentissage flexible, vous pouvez suivre le cours à tout moment, selon votre convenance!



    Affichez l’invitation au programme


    • Deux modules certifiés pour un total de 5 heures (2,5 heures par module)
    • Possibilité de compléter un seul module ou les deux modules, dans n’importe quel ordre

    Certification des modules valide jusqu’au 31 juillet 2023

    • Chaque module comprend :
    • Tests préparatoire et de fin de cours basés sur des études de cas
    • Présentations vidéos accessibles sur demande
    • Possibilité de poser des questions à nos experts
    • Documents de soutien téléchargeables
    • Occasion de contribuer à une étude de recherche en éducation
    • Cours offert en anglais uniquement


    Certifié donnant droit à jusqu’à 5 crédits d’auto-apprentissage Mainpro+®*

    * Pour plus de détails sur les crédits et les accords de réciprocité internationale, cliquez ici.


    Pour savoir comment cette activité s’intègre dans le programme de Maintien du certificat (MDC) du Collège royal, veuillez visiter le site web du Collège royal. Pour un soutien personnalisé, communiquez avec le Centre des services du Collège royal (1-800-461-9598) ou avec l’enseignant ou l’enseignante en DPC de votre région.


    Ce programme a été mis au point par le Bureau du DPC de l’Université McGill et de manière à respecter les principes d’intégrité, d’objectivité et d’équilibre scientifiques.



    Affichez l’invitation au programme


    Pour de plus amples détails, visitez notre site

    Si vous avez des questions au sujet de ce mini-cours, veuillez écrire à ou téléphoner au 514-398-4797.


    • 16-Aug-2022
    • 31-Mar-2023
    • Online

    The Canadian Paediatric Society is offering a free online module to healthcare professionals on the topic of counselling adolescents about cannabis use.

    Counselling adolescents and parents on cannabis: An informed approach

    This online module reviews basic information about cannabis components, products, and modes of use, and suggests approaches to counsel adolescents and parents on the physical and mental health issues associated with cannabis use and misuse. This module is eligible for MOC Section 3 and Mainpro+ credits. Register for free on Pedagogy, the Canadian Paediatric Society’s online learning portal.

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