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New Brunswick

New Brunswick Representative

Fraser Mackay  - Email

Saint John, New Brunswick

Fraser is a 5th generation New Brunswicker. Between his wife and two daughters, chickens and cats, martial arts, music, and preparing for the zombie apocalypse, he also manages to work in rural Emergency and urban Urgent Care with a smattering of Hospitalist and other locums.

As a physician and before that a paramedic, he has worked in many remote sites and communities, and has been involved in education and management at various levels. From Halifax to Victoria, Toronto to Behchoko, Cambridge UK to Castaway Cay Bahamas, he has developed a broad perspective on the variations in healthcare access and equity according to geography, politics, and population. Some aspects of rural and remote life require accepting the realities of healthcare access; that said, the marriage of modern technologies with evidence-based clinical skills makes rural medicine one of the most challenging and enjoyable modes of practice. As the profession continues to push towards National Licensure, Fraser hopes more physicians will choose to explore all Canada has to offer and embrace the challenge of rural and remote work.

Located on the east coast, the province of New Brunswick, Canada’s only officially bilingual province offers a distinct way of life and exciting career opportunities.  

The New Brunswick health care system has two Regional Health Authorities, the Horizon Health Network and the Vitalité Health Network, who deliver a full range of health services throughout the province each covering specific areas of the province.    

The province of New Brunswick is also home to two medical training programs, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick based in Saint John and the Centre de formation médicale du Nouveau-Brunswick based in Moncton, providing students with the opportunity to study medicine in their home province.

The province hires an average of 40 Family Physicians and 45 Specialists every year. Approximately 1,600 physicians and specialists are working the province in a variety of settings.

For more information on Current Job Opportunities for Physicians in New Brunswick, please visit:  

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