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📣 Rural Award Nominations Open for 2024!

16-Nov-2023 9:38 AM | Anonymous

SRPC'S Annual Rural Awards

The Society of Rural Physicians of Canada has created awards to recognize and celebrate the exceptional accomplishments of its dedicated and enthusiastic members. Every year, we honour individuals and organizations that have made remarkable contributions to support, maintain and advocate for rural healthcare in Canada. 

Our objectives are to: 

  • Acknowledge our members for their rural community projects 
  • Provide opportunities to pay tribute to those members who serve rural communities 
  • Showcase the significance of rural healthcare in Canada 
  • Offer a platform to demonstrate the impact of members’ work in rural communities
We strongly encourage you to submit nominations for outstanding colleagues, mentors, and peers. Our esteemed awards committee will meticulously review each nomination to select the most deserving winners. We value your input and eagerly await your nominations.

Our prestigious rural awards are given to SRPC Members, with a few exceptions: The Keith Award, The Rural Education Award, and The Rural Health Champion Award, which may be presented to Non-Members. 

To verify your membership status or the membership status of your nominee, and for any questions or eligibility reviews, please contact Jenna Keindel at

Deadlines for nominations

January 31st each year for:

  • Medical Student / Medical Resident Leadership Award, Rural Leadership Award, Rural Specialist Merit Award, Rural Heart Award, Rural Mentorship Award, Rural Health Champion Award, and Rural Community Impact Award


Nominate Your Rural Peers Today!

Nominate a Member Here

SRPC's Rural Service Awards 

The Fellowship of Rural Remote Medicine of the SRPC (FRRMS), Lifetime Member Award, Rural Long Service Award (RLSA), and Rural Service Award (RSA) are all earned awards. Your eligibility is based on SRPC membership, years of service, and whether you have registered for the upcoming R&R conference.

The Nominations and Awards Committee looks at who is registered for Rural & Remote by February 29th and takes their data from the SRPC Membership Profile to determine who meets the criteria for each of these awards.

Be sure the ‘Please Review - To Qualify for SRPC Awards at R&R’ section of your profile is up to date.

You must be registered for Rural & Remote by February 29, 2024.

Click on the button below to log in and be sure your SRPC Profile is up to date.


Questions About Awards?
Contact Jenna Keindel
Administrative Officer

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