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National Medical Licensure

On May 19th, the SRPC hosted an invitational meeting on national medical licensure. This meeting was a follow up to correspondence initiated by the SRPC, which was signed off by these 13 organizations in Spring of 2021 to provincial governments. The letter raised awareness about the barriers to medical licensure, and its impact on access to health care, and called for a national approach to reduce crossjurisdictional barriers. The purpose of the meeting was to provide an overview of what has emerged in the past year among jurisdictions and learn about what activities are being conducted by specific groups. New concepts on types of licensure models were presented and discussed. There are plans for this group to reconvene in the fall.

SGLT2 Rx Tool is a freely accessible web application that was designed for physicians to outline general benefits and estimate patient-specific benefits of SGLT2 inhibitors for their patients, both with and without diabetes. The tool also includes resources for physicians to explain absolute risk, common and rare side effects associated with SGLT2 inhibitors, contraindications, sample prescriptions, and the average cost of the medications. The page features links to Frequently Asked Questions documents written for patients both with and without diabetes that can be printed off by the health care professional using the site. 

SGLT2Rx was created by Michelle Gyenes (SRPC Member), Dr. Michael Fralick, Jason Moggridge, and Andy Zhao and was funded by BioTalent Canada and Sinai Research Fund.

SGLT2 Rx Tool

Dr. Dan Eickmeier - CAEP's New Rural & Small Urban Representative

Congratulations to SRPC member Dr. Dan Eickmeier of St Paul's Station Ontario on being appointed CAEP's Rural and Small Section Chair at their AGM on May 29th.

More Information about CAEP's Rural & Small Urban Section

A Podcast that may be of Interest...

Statistics Canada has published a podcast episode entitled Doctor's Appointment? There's an App for That!

Virtual healthcare was a rarity before COVID-19 but immediately after the pandemic hit in March 2020, Canadians were forced to rethink how they access healthcare. Dr. Gigi Osler explores the barriers to virtual healthcare, the changes we saw during the pandemic, and what’s being done to make virtual care permanent, rather than just a temporary COVID-19 measure. Dr. Osler is the co-chair of the Virtual Care Task Force, created by the Canadian Medical Association, the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Listen Now

SRPC Members are Winning Awards!

Congratulations to the following members:

Dr.John Soles of Clearwater, BC - Recipient of the RCCbc's Above and Beyond Award

Full Details Available Online

Dr. Darlene Kitty of Chisasibi, Quebec - Recipent of FAFM's Calvin L. Gutkin Family Medicine Ambassador Award.

Full Details Available Online

Craig Bertagnolli of Alberta - Recipient of RhPAP's Rural Medical School Award

Full Details Available Online

Royal College Recruiting New Board Members

The RC is currently recruiting up to six Fellows, business leaders, and members of the public sector to join its board of directors.

Additional information about the positions under recruitment and the application form is available on their website.

If you know of an individual that would be an excellent addition to RC Board, please encourage them to apply by June 22, 2022.

For further information email

Rural Research Spotlight

The SRPC Research Committee is dedicated to improving the accessibility and awareness of Canadian and International rural health research to SRPC members at any stage in their careers. The Rural Research Spotlight Page outlines important aspects of current rural health research in Canada, including research opportunities, upcoming research events, and highlights of recent publications.

Rural Research Spotlight

SRPC Featured Member - Erica Baines

Photo Credit: Qingyuan Li

Originally from Calgary, I moved across the country to begin my family medicine residency at MUN’s Goose Bay site. Despite being so remote, Goose Bay has an incredibly welcoming, tight-knit medical community where I have met many new friends and mentors. My favourite part about being a rural family doctor is the true continuity of care as I follow patients from clinic to the ER and in hospital—I never have to deal with ‘gaps’ in their stories. I love the variety of patients we see, including our Inuit and Innu patients I have had the privilege to meet both in Goose Bay and up in their coastal communities. Outside of residency, I am also on the SRPC Resident Committee, which has connected me with other residents across the country to promote rural medicine, including helping with plans for the Rural and Remote Medicine Course that was held this spring and posting on the @sprcresidents social media accounts. I love that the SRPC provides a network for connecting with other learners and physicians across the country with email lists, conferences, educational opportunities, and much more.

Upcoming Events

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