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Each spring we will be looking for new members for the SRPC Student Committee. We are especially interested in first year medical students. We are looking for a 2 year time commitment if possible, to maintain continuity on the Committee. Please contact the Committee Chairperson for more information.


Requirements include:

  • SRPC Membership
  • Interest in rural medicine

2014/2015 Committee Chairperson

Laura Downing
Memorial University of Newfoundland



Make a submission to the Student Essay Contest and win a trip to the R&R conference.

Our Guide to Arranging Rural Electives in Canada for Medical Students (PDF file)


Our Mandate

The SRPC Student Committee is a group of students who, in conjunction with the SRPC, promote rural practice to medical students across Canada. Our goal is to increase student interest in rural medicine, and thereby ultimately increase the number of rural physicians serving rural Canada. 

Who We Are
The SRPC Student Committee is composed of medical students from schools across Canada. There are at least two representatives from each school, a junior and a senior member. The junior member is usually a first year medical student, and the senior member is usually a second year medical student. The senior member is responsible for recruiting the new junior member. The duties of the junior and senior member include organizing the membership drive during orientation in the beginning of the school year, advertising the annual SRPC Rural and Remote Conference and the Rural Student Essay Contest to their home school, along with participating in meetings of the student committee.

The committee is supervised by a Chair and a Chair-Elect. The Chair is responsible for overseeing and coordinating activities of the committee. The responsibility of the Chair-Elect is to assist the chair in coordinating activities so that he/she will be prepared to assume the Chair position the following year. 

How We Communicate
As members are spread across the country, communication is sometimes difficult. The majority of communication is done via email. If voice communication is necessary, teleconferences are organized through the SRPC. The Student Committee meets yearly at the annual SRPC Rural and Remote Conference.

Our Activities

  1. Rural Electives Catalogue:

The Student Committee is working closely with the Resident Committee on this activity. We are compiling a central document that explains how to organize a rural elective in each Canadian Province. Each school’s representative is responsible for ensuring that the information listed regarding their school is up-to-date and accurate. The activities on the catalogue will be supervised by a single representative, chosen each year. This document when finished will be available to medical students on the SRPC Student Webpage.  

  1. SRPC Student Webpage:

There is a link to the Student Page from the SRPC website. The Student Committee is responsible for making sure the information on the Student Page is up-to-date and accurate. Information the committee wishes to be put on the webpage should be emailed to the SRPC.  Information on the webpage include names and contact information of the Student Committee along with our Electives Catalogue. 

  1. SRPC Membership Drive:

A membership drive is held each fall at every medical school across Canada. It is the representatives’ responsibility to organize this event at their home school.  Registration to the SRPC is free for students, and our aim is to enroll all medical students.

  1. SRPC Rural and Resmote Conference:

The Student Committee is involved in various aspects of the SRPC Rural and Remote Conference. Members of the committee, chosen each year, will be involved in organization of the conference. It is best if organizing representatives are members of the host school. It is the representatives’ responsibility to promote the conference at their medical school.

  1. Rural Essay Contest:

Each year the Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine (CJRM) hosts a rural essay contest for Canadian medical students. The Student Committee is responsible for promoting the contest at Canadian medical schools. Each representative is encouraged to support this contest and submit an essay. The winner will receive free registration along with $500 toward attending the annual SRPC Rural and Remote Conference. 

How To Get Involved:

If you are interested in being part of the Student Committee please contact the chair or your school’s representatives. Please see the list of contact information below.  We are always looking for new members!

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