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Ontario Preceptors

The province, is divided into North and South at the French River to Mattawa line, but some include Parry Sound and Muskoka as North. Rather than tell preceptors where they live I have listed them to the geographical region they believe that they are in. This leads to some inconsistencies, but bear with me. Statistics Canada will place the community on the map for you. In either case the North is mostly on the other side of the Ontario map with a different scale. It has 88% of the landmass but only 6.6% of the population and is 50% rural with few specialists.

Northern Ontario
Northeastern Ontario
Blind River 5 GP's ER inpatients Contact NEP
Cochrane GP-anaest/OP-anaest
Sylvain Duchaine
372 3rd Ave.
Cochrane, ON P0l 1C0
Phone: (705) 272-4276
E-mail: at

6 in group, OB Assisting Inpts ER Anesthesia Experiences
Dr. Rita Affleck
Rural GP/OP rural
241 Eighth St
Cochrane, ON P0L 1C0
Contact NEP or the doctor or
Sylvie Connors
705-272-7200 e
Ext. 2219
Email: at
Elliot Lake 17 FTE GP's OB Assisting ER Inpts Experiences
Dr. Michael Britton-Foster 
Dr. Frank Chi 
Dr. Robert Courchesne 
Dr. Roger Larochelle 
Dr. David Margetts 
Dr. David Matheson 
Dr. Barry Wannan
Contact NEP
Englehart 6 FTE GP's on staff ER Inpts Experiences
Dr Brian Primrose
Contact NEP
Espanola 5 GP's ER Inpts Experiences
Dr. Dwayne Coad
Contact NEP
Gore Bay Outpatients Experience
Dr. Robert Hamilton 
Dr. Shelagh McRae
Contact NEP
Haileybury 14 FTE GP's on staff OB ER
Inpts Assisting Anesthesia Experiences

Dr Peter Hutten-Czapski 
Haileybury ON P0J 1K0 
Phone: (705) 672-2442 
Contact the Dr.
or NEP
Hearst 7 MD's Bilingual ER Inpts
Dr. Rene Lafleche
Contact NEP
Huntsville OB Assist ER Inpts
Dr. Gerald Forestell
Dr. David Mathies
Dr. Dan Morton
Dr. John Rea
Contact NEP
Iroquois Falls ER Inpts
Dr. Grigori Karmy
Contact NEP
Kapuskasing ER Inpts
Dr. Claude Boucher
Dr. Karen E. Fryer
Dr. Robert Ng-A-Fook
Dr. David Ng
Contact NEP
Kirkland Lake ER Inpts OB Assisting
Dr. Ted Gardiner
Dr. Bill Durocher
Dr. Richard Denton
Contact NEP
Little Current 6 FTE GP's ER Inpts OB
Dr. Michael Bedard
Dr. Stephen Cooper
Dr. Roy Jeffery
Dr. Dieter Poenn
Dr. Michelle Snarr
Contact NEP
Mattawa ER Inpts
Dr. Leonard Gushe
Dr. Stephen Cooper
Dr. Clint Redhead
Dr. Bryan Williams
Dr. Mark Wilkins
Contact NEP
Mindemoya ER Inpts
Dr. Nicholas Jeeves
Dr. James McNally
Dr. Andrew Stadnyk
Contact NEP
New Liskeard OB ER Inpts Assisting Anesthesia Experiences
Dr. Glenn Corneil
285 Whitewood Avenue
New Liskeard ON P0J 1P0
Phone: (705) 647-4737

Dr. Brenda Hardie
Box 2722
New Liskeard ON P0J 1P0
Phone: (705) 647 6688
Fax: (205) 647 4570
Contact NEP
Parry Sound OB ER
Dr. Denis J. Stern
15 James St., Parry Sound, ON, P2A 1T4
Phone: (705) 746-9382
Contact the Dr. 
Richard's Landing Dr. Robert Armstrong Contact NEP
Sturgeon Falls Francophone Community with ER and Inpatient Experiences
Dr. Jean Anawati
Dr. Andre Behamdouni
Dr. Jane Deschene
Contact NEP
Temagami OB ER Inpts Assisting Anesthesia experiences
Dr. Steve Goddard
Contact NEP
Thessalon 4 GP ER and Inpatient Experiences
Dr. Heather Blois
Dr. Ed White
Phone: 705-842-2905
Contact the Drs. 
Wawa 4 GP's Inpatients, ER, OB, Assisting, Anesthesia Contact NOMP
Northwestern Ontario
Atikokan 4 GP's Contact NOMP
Dryden 13 Doctors
Inpts ER OB Assisting Anesth Experiences

Dr. Patty Vann

Dr. Carl Eisener
PO Box 3011 Dryden Ontario
Phone: 807-223-2258
Contact NOMP
Fort Frances 10 GP's Inpts, OB, ER, Assisting, Anesthetics Contact NOMP
Geraldton Bilingual Experience 4 GP's Contact NOMP
Hornepayne   Contact NEP
Kenora 15 Doctors, Many Specialists
Inpatients, ER, OB, Assisting, Anesthetics
Contact NOMP
Manitouwadge   Contact NOMP
Marathon 7 GP's Inpatients, OB, ER Contact NOMP
Nipigon 4 GP's Contact NOMP
Rainy River 2 GP's Contact NOMP
Red Lake 5 GP's Inpts, ER, Assisting, Anesthetics, OB experiences Contact NOMP
Schreiber   Contact NOMP
Sioux Lookout Dr. Len Kelly
Contact NOMP
Terrace Bay Inpatients, OB, ER Contact NOMP

Southern Ontario
Southeastern Ontario
Alexandra Office ER Inpt
Dr. Christine Millman
P.O. Box 460 Alexandra On K0C 1A0
Phone: (613) 525- 2324
Fax: (613) 525-2326
Contact the Dr. 
Arnprior Dr. Peter J. Ranson
Dr. G. Robson

346 John St. N., Arnprior, ON K7S 2P6
Phone: (613) 623-7928 and (613) 623-7939
Contact the Dr. 
Callander Office Inpt
Dr. Gary Osborne
299 Main St N, Callander ON P0H 1H0
Phone: 705-752-2644
Fax: 705-752-2503
Contact the Dr. 
Campbellford Rural GP/OP
Dr. Bob Henderson
Hillside Family Medicine
119 Isabella St. Campbellford, ON
Contact the Dr. 
Cumbermere / Barry's Bay Office ER Inpt Nursing home, house call
Dr. Denise Coulas
Box 10 Cumbermere ON K0J 1L0
Phone: 613-756-0250
Fax: 613-756-9461
Contact the Dr. 
Minden Office
Dr. Bennet Wu
Box 700 Minden ON K0M 2K0
Phone: 705-286-2001
Fax: 705-286-3520
Contact the Dr. 
Orono Office ER Inpt OB Assisting in OR
Dr. Marlene Spruyt
30 Cobbledick St. Orono ON L0B 1M0
Phone: 905-983-9157
Fax: 905-983-5519
Contact the Dr. 
Prescott  Office ER Nursing Home
Dr. G. Bhatt
Box 1750 Prescott ON K0E 1T0
Phone: 613-925-5977
Fax: 613-925-1238
Contact the Dr. 
Renfrew OB Inpts
Dr. Arthur G. Dick
270 Argyle St. S., Renfrew, ON, K7V 1T7
Phone: 613-432-8135
Fax: 613-432-5411
Contact the Dr. 
Trenton Inpts
Dr. Frances Tung
64 Ontario Street, Trenton, ON, K8V 6H9
Phone: 613-392-2514
Contact the Dr. 
Winchester General Surgery
Dr. Suru Chande
St. Lawrence Medical Clinic, Box 772 Morrisburg ON K0C 1X0
Phone: 613-543-2963
Fax: 613-543-4171
Contact the Dr. 
Central Ontario
Alymer Dr. Michael Toth
418-6 Talbot Street W., Alymer ON, N5H 1K5
Tel: 519-773-5336
Contact the Dr. 
Angus OB ER Inpts
Dr. Jacques J. Laforest
Angus Family Medical Centre, Box 1090, Angus, ON, L0M 1B0
Phone: 705-424-5700
Contact the Dr. 
Apsley Dr. Wagdy Rayes
Apsley Medical Centre, Box 278, Apsley, ON, K0L 1A0
Phone: 705-656-4281
Contact the Dr. 
Barrie Outpatient/Inpatient
Dr. Zahir Poonja
411 Huronia Road, Unit 4, Barrie, Ontario
Phone: 705-727-7688
Fax: 705-735-6990
Contact the Dr. 
Beamsville 15 FTE GP's 4 Specialists
OB, ER, Assisting, Inpatients Experiences

Dr. Karl Stobbe
Box 430, 4279 Hixon St, Beamsville ON L0R 1B0
Phone: 905-563-7228
Fax: 905-563-0933
Lianna Demik
(905) 945-2253
Ext. 202
Clarksburg Dr. Ian F. Irvine

Box 100, Clarksburg ON N0H 1J0
Phone: 519-599-3210
Fax: 519-538-1713
Contact the Dr. 
Collingwood Over 22 GP's OB ER Anesthesia Inpatients experiences Contact ROMP
Elora/Fergus Dr. Stephen Beamish
Specialty: CCFP/EM

70 Victoria St, Elora, ON N0B 1S0
Phone: 519-846-6614
Fax: 519-846-8453
Contact the Dr. 
Elora Dr. Doug Roach
Specialty: Family Medicine

Doug Roach/Steve Beamish/Peter McPhedran
P.O. Box 460, 70 Victoria ST. Elora ON N0B 1S0
Phone: 579-846-5841
Fax: 579-846-8453
Contact the Dr. 
Grand Valley Dr. C. Mallin
21 Main St. North, P. O. Box 340, Grand Valley, ON L0N 1G0
Phone: 519-928-5666
Fax: 519-928-3260
Contact the Dr. 
Southwestern Ontario
Alliston OB ER
Dr. S. Ross
Stevenson Memorial Hospital
Box 4000, 200 Fletcher Dr.
Alliston, ON L9R 1W7
Phone: 705-435-6281

Rural Obstetrics/Gynaecology
Dr. Richard Simms (For prenatal/postpartum)
Stevenson Memorial Hosp. 200 Fletcher Crescent
Alliston ON L9R 1W7
Phone: 705-435-0313
Fax: 705-435-4539

(For gynecology)
Medical Associates. 158 Victoria St E, Alliston ON L9R 1V9
Phone: 705 435 1081
Fax:705 435 6062
Contact Dr. Ross directly for Dr. Simms

Contact Sandie Ross (for prenatal / postpartum) or Bonnie Clancy (for gynecology)
Caledon East Dr. Faye A. Lindsey
2 Granite Stones Estate, R.R.#2, Caledon East, ON L0N 1E0
Phone: 905-584-9377
Fax: 905-584-4165
Contact the Dr. 
Chesley  Dr. Caroline Knight
Contact the Dr. 
Goderich 10 GP ER OB Inpatients
Maitland Medical Centre
Dr. Ken Milne and Dr. Kate Miller
27 Bruce Street West Goderich, ON N7A 2M5
Phone: 519-524-4121
Fax: 519-524-1314
E-mail: or
Hospital Website
Contact the Dr. 
Kincardine  OFFICE, ER, OB, OR INPT
Dr. Arthur Wiebe, Dr.Donna Taylor
885 Philip Place. Kincardine, ON N2Z 2E3
Phone: 519-396-8855
Fax: 519-396-6177
Contact the Dr. 
Meaford Office Inpts ER Assists
Dr. JoAnn C. McCall
13 Nelson St. West Meaford, Ontario N4L 1N1
Phone: 519-538-3101
Fax: 519-538-2788
Contact the Dr. 
Mount Forest OB ER Inpatients Assist
Dr. Hugh Perrin
Box 430 - 392 Main St N, Mt Forest, ON N0G 2L0
Phone: 519-323-1951
Fax: 519-323-2113
Contact the Dr. 
Palmerston  OFFICE, ER, OB, OR, INPT, other: Nursing Homes
Dr. Chris Cressey
Address: Box 250 Palmerston ON N0G 2P0
Phone: (519) 343 3831
Fax: (519) 343 9944 
Contact the Dr. 
Seaforth  OFFICE ER OB OR INPT other: Nursing Homes
3 group practices in Seaforth, Kincardine,
Walkerton, Durham, and Chesley
Gwen Devereaux
RR #4 Seaforth ON, N0K 1W0
Phone: 519-522-0458
Contact Gwen 
Tavistock  Office ER Inpt
Dr. Anand Hegde
80 Maria St. Tavistock ON N0B 2R0
Phone: 519-655-2322
Fax: 519-655-3073
Contact the Dr. 
Tobermory /
Lion's Head
Inpts OB ER
Dr. George D. Harpur
Dr. Ralph Suke
Dr. Dave Thomson
Tobermory Medical Clinic, Box 220, Tobermory ON, N0H 2R0
Phone: 519-596-2305

ER, INPT, Nursing Home, Public Health
Dr. Debbie Dyke
PO Box 338 Lion's Head. ON
Phone: 519-793-4144
Fax: 519-793-4604
Contact the Dr. 
Walkerton Specialty: Fam Med/Anaesthesia
Dr. Paul McArthur
21 McGivern St, Walkerton, ON N0G 2V0
Phone: 519 881 4640
Fax: 519 881 4648
Contact the Dr. 
Wingham Specialty: GP/OP
Dr. Shaun and Bonnie Marshall
285 Catherine St., Wingham, ON
Contact the Dr. 
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