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    to — Providing leadership for rural physicians
    99.8% of Canada's 10 million square kilometres are rural by area. 31.4% of Canada’s population or roughly 9 million people live in predominantly rural regions. Towns under 10,000 account for 22.2% of the population, and yet they are served by only 10.1% of physicians. Canada's larger rural and regional centres 10,000 to 100,000 population constitute 15.9% of the population and have only 11.9% of the physician pool. With sub specialists and high technology of large cities distant, country doctors work in small groups in settings which require a broad spectrum of clinical skills.
    We find that the care we can provide for our patients and communities is very rewarding. We enjoy a great variety of practice that often includes obstetrics, surgery, anaesthetics and emergency medicine together with hospital access and care of the acutely ill. Socially we feel a part of our communities and enjoy outdoor living with many recreational opportunities. We would be isolated if it were not for our efforts to improve this often neglected and impoverished sector of the health care system. We are the SRPC.
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    SRPC Member Spotlight
    Dr. Tom Smith-Windsor, President
    Dr. Tom Smith-Windsor
    Dr. Tom Smith-Windsor said he believes programs, such as the one in Prince Albert help keep more new doctors in the rural Saskatchewan. "I recall a little more than 25 years ago when I interviewed for acceptance into the College of Medicine, one of the questions that was asked of me then was, ‘How are you going to solve the manpower problem for finding physicians for rural Saskatchewan?’" he said. "Now with the experience we have had in Prince Albert and some of our other distributed sites, along with the support that we’ve had from the rural health associations, the community preceptors, the patients and of course the residents, I can say with a great deal of confidence that we now have a solution to finding home grown, well trained family physicians for rural Saskatchewan."
    Dr Smith-Windsor has provided medical services to the First Nations Community of Montreal Lake since 1991. In 1999, he began serving as a civil aviation medical examiner with Transport Canada and a medical examiner with Immigration Canada. Currently, Dr Smith-Windsor practises family medicine with the Associate Medical Clinic in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
    For the past 21 years, Dr Smith-Windsor has served in many academic positions with U of S. After serving as coordinator of the Division of Rural Family Medicine, he became associate dean, rural and northern medical education for the College of Medicine in 2009. Dr Smith-Windsor is credited for leading the development of a successful rural family medicine resident training program in Prince Albert that also teaches enhanced surgical skills—a first in Canada. Dr Smith-Windsor has served on many national and provincial committees focused on rural medicine and rural medical education. Currently, he participates as a member of Advancing Rural Family Medicine: The Canadian Collaborative Taskforce, a CFPC and Society of Rural Physicians of Canada initiative.